EUROPIN has been established in Trenčín / Slovakia in 1997. We manufacture customized pen cannulas, lancet needles for safety systems and diabetic use as well as cannulas for prefilled syringes and pharmaceutical use.
What started as a small industrial plant became a hidden champion within 20 years and has today 180 employees and an annual output of more than 2 billion needles.

EUROPIN is now a leading manufacturer for pen cannulas, lancet needles, cannulas and special purpose needles for the medical and pharmaceutical world market. We are not just a manufacturer of needles. EUROPIN is your partner from the idea to the introduction of a new product into the market providing you innovative custom design and professional sales support. Our skills in serial production of needles are your benefit from prototyping to high volume productions.

Our scope covers hollow and solid needles with diameters ranging from 33 Gauge (0.18 mm) up to 10 Gauge (3.4 mm) and lengths from 82 mm to 150 mm.

We are a mass producer for: 
Pen Cannulas
Ultra-thinwall cannulas with unique anti-coring treatment
Cannulas for prefilled glass syringes
Lancet Needles for diabetic use or for safety systems
Needles for inhalers
Veterinary cannulas
Special purpose needles
Customized solutions