Can you manufacture cannulas in ultra-thin wall tube and what is the advantage of it?
Yes, we can manufacture cannulas also in ultra-thin wall according to ISO9626:2016. The advantage is an increasing of the flow rate but you have to consider the suitable outer diameter and total length for your application.

Can you apply anti-coring treatment also on 32G and 33G cannulas?
Yes, we use a unique camera controlled anti-coring process to avoid coring effects also on small gauge sizes as 32G and 33G cannulas.

Are your products passivated / electropolished?
Passivation is a non-electrolytic finishing process that makes a stainless steel surface more resistant. All our products have a passivated surface and are electropolished.

How can you reduce penetration forces?
Reducing penetration forces is the result of very precise and monitored point grinding and perfect tip electro-polishing. If one application is missing you will not get a sharp needle.

What is a good needle?
Patients that are daily using needles are requesting perfect performance and low pain. A good needle is manufactured in very tight tolerances to ensure a consistent patient comfort. A good needle has sharp cutting edges to penetrate smoothly into the skin and in case of cannulas with perfect anti-coring treatment to avoid microtraumata (small injuries due to cutting skin fragments). By using such needles the small wound heals up very fast. And of course, the needle must be clean.